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New Zealand as a hub for Investment

New Zealand has consistently presented itself as a strong country in terms of stability and economic growth. For the past 10 years, New Zealand’s GDP growth has been constantly on the rise.

While they have experienced small dips in growth due to the 2008 financial crisis as well as the COVID 19 pandemic, New Zealand has displayed its resilience by bouncing back from the crisis relatively quickly, reflecting the efficiency and competence of the local government.

New Zealand ranks 2nd on the 2021 index of economic freedom with a score of 83.9/100, which ranks countries based on factors such as trade/investment/business freedom, tax burden, government integrity as well as property rights.

Investors in New Zealand property experience a relatively less restricted investment process and have a lot more flexibility when it comes to what they can invest in and for how long.

New Zealand’s practices fuel its market-driven economy and allow assets to flourish without interference, making it an ideal location for property investments.

Singapore and New Zealand

New Zealand has always shared a good relationship with Singapore. From free trade agreements, to hosting military bases in New Zealand, Singapore has enjoyed many economic benefits.

Singaporeans are one of the two groups of foreigners allowed to purchase New Zealand property, the other being Australians. This gives Singaporeans near exclusive access to the New Zealand Property market and significantly less buyer competition from other countries.

Singapore has also established a Double Tax Agreement with New Zealand, ensuring Singaporeans that they will not be taxed by both governments at the same time for their investments.

New Zealand still has large plots of undeveloped land available as well as healthy demand for housing driven by its economic growth. Singaporeans have already caught on to the growing opportunity for investment and are starting to explore their options.

Being 2 of the most successful countries in the world at handling the COVID-19 pandemic, the chances of opening a travel bubble with New Zealand are high. Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, shared a post on his official Facebook account stating that the countries are discussing the “possibility of collaborating in mutual recognition of digital health and vaccination certifications”.


A population that is steadily growing, Oamaru is the largest town of Waitaki District in North Otago region located along the seaside on the South Island in New Zealand.

Being described as one of New Zealand’s best-preserved Old Towns, Oamaru is enriched by passionate and most welcoming locals.

The town is highly accessible and is connected to the three major cities of Timaru, Dunedin and Christchurch by both highway and railway, respectively which put Oamaru on the bucket list of tourists.

Oamaru is also known for its heritage sites and natural attractions, the majority of its buildings are designed according to the Victorian era, while museums and shops display and sell artwork and craft from the olden days.

Oamaru also boasts beautiful beaches, greenery, stone formations and is home to many wildlife such as penguins and seals.

Those who find peace and tranquillity in the beauty of nature and grandeur of historic monuments will definitely find themselves at home in Oamaru.

Singaporeans who have lived a lifetime in Singapore and are looking for a change during their retirement should strongly consider Oamaru as their choice of getaway location.

Oamaru offers a peaceful and serene environment that contrast the hustle and bustle of city life in Singapore and will be a perfect location to spend quality time with your spouse.

Goodland Heights in Oamaru

Otago Region in South Island of New Zealand is performing great in the market, driven by high demand and growth with a double-digit house property gain in Otago (19%) in 2020.

Goodland Heights in Oamaru offers Singaporean investors an opportunity to own an attractive yield investment asset that is well positioned to benefit from the anticipated tourism bounce back after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Situated on top of a hill of Joy Streets, Goodland Heights surrounded by wide, grassy plains with picturesque views Oamaru has to offer.

With close proximity to amenities such as F&B, Public Transport, Healthcare facilities and School, it is a development to look out for.

Hill of Oamaru, overlooking Oamaru Harbour and Township.

New Zealand boast strong tourism in 2020 and Goodland heights will be attractive to tourists looking for short term accommodation.

Investment prospects in Goodland heights are high and favorable returns are expected to be yielded.

For investors who want to find out more about the New Zealand property market, Goodland Heights, and the returns it has to offer, contact us below for more information or find out more!

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