Sylvester Jader joined the real estate industry after making a mid-career switch in 2007. He embarked on a 2 track system – doing individual sales while building a team and as a result gained much experience from the various property segments as he coaches the salespersons under his charge.

In 2010, he was also employed by a real estate company to manage team leaders by helping to resolve whatever challenges that they face; managing their salespersons, transition from manager to manager, implementing new policies, clarification of procedures, etc.

He developed many win-win sales and team strategies that have benefited salespersons.

Before coming into real estate, was in the Singapore Armed Forces (Republic of Singapore Navy) where his career span over a period of 17 years (1991-2007) where he served in the many different departments and held multiple roles gaining a whole spectrum of experiences as Defence Relations & Policy Warrant Officer, Combat Information Centre Supervisor, Naval Chief Seaman(Buffer), Basic Naval Course Trainer, Recruitment Specialist with the Career Centre, Squadron Operations Warrant Officer.

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